Great Lengths Tapes


100% Human Hair

GL Tapes use the same 100% human hair as Great Lengths' pre-bonded extensions, and have been gently hand processed and blended to create over 58 different shades. Using a medical grade, hypo-allergenic and non-toxic tape, GL Tapes are suitable for all hair densities, creating an instantaneous transformation of length, volume and colour.



Maintaining GL Tapes is easy! The lightweight tapes are virtually undetectable in the hair and comfortable to wear. Upon following our maintenance and aftercare tips, GL Tapes have the potential to last between six to eight weeks before professional maintenance is needed.


Available Now!

With a full head application being able to be applied within one hour, Great Lengths Tapes are the ultimate in Luxury hair extensions for the time conscious. Cost is on application (determined at a salon consultation) and is dependent on the length and colour of the hair, plus the number of GL Tapes and time required to apply the extensions. Your GL Tapes will be gently removed after 6-8 weeks, without any damage to your natural hair, and can be reapplied up to three more times.

For more information on GL Tapes, please visit the Great Lengths website below.