Urban Enhancer


The Urban Enhancer is designed to cover up any kind of hair loss. The system is custom made and unique to the individual. It can add volume and create a full head of hair and It is a risk free non surgical treatment which is designed to suit your individual needs.

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Urban Secret Hair Piece


This system is great for clients who suffer from Alopecia Areata, Alopecia, and Trichotillomania. By using a fine medical grade mesh which is integrated with the client's hair,  it is then customised to the individual's head shape and then hair is attached to cover the area of hair loss. The Urban Secret Hair Piece can be shampooed and conditioned and treated just like your own hair. 

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Urban Integrated System


This system is attached with adhesive, and matched for colour, density and curl. They are ideal for areas of total hair loss due to male pattern baldness, alopecia, burns, scarring, chemotherapy, and other conditions. They are custom made and individually designed by using a template fitted from the scalp. Our bonded hair systems are firmly secured and usually require very little maintenance.

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Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Maureen Magee has reached the highly prestige level of Gold Salon status with world leading hair extension supplier Great Lengths. Maureen has 30 years experience in the hair industry and over 10 years experience as a Great Lengths certified extentonist. 

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We also offer other high quality Hair Extensions to suit all budgets.

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