Urban Secret Hair Piece


We Can Help You!

If you are experiencing thinning hair over a large part of your scalp then the Urban Secret Hair Piece can help you by integrating with your existing hair, instantly returning full density to your entire scalp.



The Urban Secret Hair Piece is undetectable and gives you confidence to go out in the world and enjoy life without the worry of your hair loss. The system is completely bespoke to the individual and you will find it deals with your hair loss permanently, easily and brings the total peace of mind that no one will detect your new hair.    



The Urban Secret Hair Piece (Hair Topper) is a unique wearable solution with a poly-mesh base that is light weight, comfortable to wear and self-moulds to your head. It allows the scalp to breathe, doesn’t trap or hold water, is completely flexible and causes no damage to existing hair.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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