The GL Volume Piece



The Great Lengths Volume Piece is designed to build confidence for both men and women suffering from hair loss and thinning. It can also be used to add extra volume, density and colour to clients who wish to wear the piece for fashion purposes. Undetectable when applied, the GL Volume blends into the clients natural hair leaving the finish looking natural and seamless. 



The GL Volume can be worn for between 4-6 weeks and then must be removed and refitted to ensure it sits and attaches correctly to the natural hair. If the GL Volume is maintained properly, it should last up to 12 months.



Great Lengths stands for quality. The hair is the same quality as great lengths use in their extensions. The hair is hand sewn into the lace netting and knotted to ensure that is does not shed from the GL Volume structure. The hair always remains remi. The GL Volume is available in nine colors.


Make sure your provider is Great Lengths certified. Click below to download Maureen’s certificate of qualification for the GL Volume course. 

Certificate (pdf)


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