At Joico, each and every one of their product innovations are created to help return hair to its strongest, shiniest, healthiest state, even after one use, and with every use thereafter. The Joico tagline "the joi of healthy hair", is a message that communicates positive emotion and unparalleled science. It's more than just a promise, it's a guarantee. 

"The Joi of Healthy Hair"

Joico Mission


The Joico company mission is to share the Joi of Healthy hair with as many salon professionals and as many clients in as many places as possible all over the world.



Joico products contain the finest, most beneficial ingredients in the world; shea butter from Africa, orchid oil from Asia - if it's the best, no continent is too far! Joico constantly update their technologies and develop new ones to uphold their reputation as the leader in beauty innovation.

Now Available!


Joico is now available online and in salon. We are now helping in spreading the Joi of Healthy Hair to every customer and client, making for a more beautiful world.