Frequently Asked Questions?


How long will the system last?

Typically, a system will last 6-12 months depending on the type of hair on the system. This depends on how the individual client cares for their system. Repairs will be needed during this time as bald spots can appear on the system due to wear and tear.


How do I wash the system?

The technician will show you how to wash your hair during the application process. You will also receive details in the aftercare sheet provided. Generally, you should refrain from friction rubbing to the system to prevent matting.

If I have the system fitted permanently how often do I need maintenance?

Maintenance is needed every 4-6 weeks on the systems. It will be completely removed for your scalp to be washed and treated before refitting.

What happens to my scalp underneath?

Due to the lace which the is hair is implanted into, your hair will get air and continue to grow underneath.

What products do I use to wash the system?

Products are available for purchase from Urban Hair Replacement and a list of products will be provided to use. The best shampoos and conditioners are sulphate free products.

What is the difference between the French and Swiss Lace?

To the untrained eye, it is hard to tell the difference between the two lace types. Both types are undetectable. The Swiss Lace is slightly thinner and a llittle less detectable, however it is also less durable, and it tears easier. The French lace is more durable but not as undetectable as the Swiss Lace. Most people order the French Lace. The Swiss Lace is not recommended for first time users. It is best to learn how to apply the system and become skulled at the application prior to advancing to the Swiss Lace.